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21 August 2017: The sister ships RADIANT and ONA berthed in Monaco. AURORA at Cap Martin (Peter Seyfferth).


18 August 2017: Lürssen's new AURORA in the bay of Villefranche and KISMET at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).


17 August 2017: MINDERELLA and VICKY at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).


16 August 2017: JOY and KIBO at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).


15 August 2017: Lürssen's DILBAR and GLOBAL side by side off of Beaulieu (Peter Seyfferth).


14 August 2017: The brand new Lürssen superyacht ARETI arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


13 August 2017: In time for the yacht show season: Our new presentation video is ready!


12 August 2017: QUANTUM BLUE cruising at Cap Ferrat yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).


11 August 2017: The former Dutch navi pilot vessel CAPELLA C on the Kiel Canal (Olaf Eggert).


10 August 2017: The brand new Amels LILI arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage yesterday (Giovanni Romero).


9 August 2017: LIGHT HOLIC in Cannes, LEANDER G in Monaco (Billy).


8 August 2017: New photos of SIRAN, SEA WALK and LAUREN L in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


7 August 2017: YAS in Monaco (Billy). New cruising shots of ECSTASEA (Peter Seyfferth).


4 August 2017: The first Mulder ThirtySix superyacht DELTA ONE on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


3 August 2017: The 147m PRINCE ABDULAZIZ arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero). Aerial view of WHITE ROSE OF DRACHS in the port of Cap d´Ail (Peter Seyfferth).


2 August 2017: A closer look at BLACK PEARL (Olaf Eggert).


1 August 2017: Feadship SYMPHONY, owned by Bernard Arnault, the richest French citizen, arriving in Monaco and meeting Oceanco's JUBILEE, the largest yacht built in the Netherlands (Peter Seyfferth).


31 July 2017: Lürssen's 123m AL LUSAIL (formerly known as project Jupiter) on the final sea trials (Claus Schäfe).


28 July 2017: Our first photos SO'MAR, cruising off Cannes (Billy).


27 July 2017: New photos of TAIBA and HERE COMES THE SUN by Billy.


26 July 2017: SALUZI in Monaco (Billy).



25 July 2017: QUANTUM BLUE at anchor (Peter Seyfferth).


24 July 2017: ZEUS in Monaco (Billy).


21 July 2017: Our first photos of IPANEMAS (Billy).


20 July 2017: LADY CHRISTINE anchored off of Cowes, Isle of Wight and WHITE STAR in Falmouth, Cornwall (Carl Groll).


17 July 2017: GIRAUD arriving in Monaco (Billy).


13 July 2017: SALUZI, MOGAMBO and HERE COMES THE SUN off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


12 July 2017: Heesen's brand new 50m HOME arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


11 July 2017: JUBILEE, the largest yacht ever built in Holland, arrived in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage. Photos by Giovanni Romero.


7 July 2017: A closer look at YAS (Peter Seyfferth).

6 July 2017: The brand new Feadship CID in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


5 July 2017: Our first photos of TORTOISE. EXUMA in the port of Cap d'Ail (Peter Seyfferth).


4 July 2017: LEGEND in the early morning hours (Giovanni Romero).


3 July 2017: The band new SOPRANO arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


30 June 2017: JOY and OKTO in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


29 June 2017: AMORE MIO in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


28 June 2017: DILBAR off of Monaco (Billy).


27 June 2017: Our first photos of the 60m SAMURAI, delivered 2016 by Alia Yachts (Giovanni Romero).


26 June 2017: The brand new Feadship LETANI in Gibraltar at sunrise (Giovanni Romero).


23 June 2017: AXANTHA II and DEEP BLUE II at Cap Ferrat at sunrise (Peter Seyfferth).


22 June 2017: AURORA arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


21 June 2017: The 135m project THUNDER, built by Lürssen in Bremen, on the first sea trials (Claus Schäfe).


20 June 2017: Lürssen's new 85m ARETI on sea trials (Andreas Jens, Carl Groll, Olaf Eggert, Ulrich Streich).


19 June 2017: The recently delivered Heesen BOOK ENDS arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


16 June 2017: The new Lürssen AURORA leaving Germany on her maiden voyage (Claus Schäfe). LA SULTANA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


14 June 2017: Our first photos of AMPHITRITE (Giovanni Romero).


13 June 2017: TV arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


12 June 2017: Our first photos of CHASSEUR, delivered 2016 by Christensen Shipyard (Giovanni Romero). LADY M II on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).


31 May 2017: A historic moment during the Monaco Grand Prix: The world's two largest sailing ships SAILING YACHT A and the five-master ROYAL CLIPPER together with the world's largest motor yacht (measured by volume) DILBAR in one picture. Motor yacht A as an encore (Peter Seyfferth).


30 May 2017: ELYSIAN and 2 LADIES during the Monaco Grand Prix (Peter Seyfferth).


29 May 2017: The new Feadship FAITH (project Vertigo) during the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


26 May 2017: SEA CLOUD in Lipari (Peter Seyfferth).

25 May 2017: TREMENDA in Lipari, Aeolian Islands last week (Peter Seyfferth).


24 May 2017: SIREN arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


23 May 2017: New cruising shots of ILLUSION V and LADY A (Giovanni Romero).


22 May 2017: NEW HAMPSHIRE on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).


16 May 2017: A closer look at the brand new Lürssen AURORA (Olaf Eggert).


15 May 2017: The new AVIVA arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


12 May 2017: A closer look at Sailing Yacht A (Peter Seyfferth). Shortly before leaving Monaco, Sailing Yacht A weighed anchor and sailed for more than an hour a few miles off the coast, showcasing all three of her sails. We are proud to be able to propose our clients the only high quality photos, taken from a helicopter. Due to image theft and improper claims of ownership that occur all too often online these photos will not be published on our website at the moment. If you are a yachting professional and interested in seeing samples, please do not hesitate to contact us!.


11 May 2017: ECLIPSE arriving in Gibraltar following a refit in Hamburg (Giovanni Romero).


9 May 2017: Photo of the week: The first view of Sailing Yacht A with all three of her sails hoisted.


8 May 2017: More photos of Sailing Yacht A and Motor Yacht A in Monaco (Billy, Peter Seyfferth).


5 May 2017: Sailing Yacht A met her motor yacht name twin A in Monaco yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).


4 May 2017: Lürssen's brand new AMADEA on her first visit to the French Riviera, photographed yesterday morning (Peter Seyfferth).


3 May 2017: PANTHALASSA, photographed by Michael Kurtz. ONA off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


2 May 2017: The 110m project JUBILEE (Oceanco hull no. Y714) on sea trials (Hans Esveldt). PALLADIUM leaving Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


28 April 2017: MY SKY arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


27 April 2017: The new Lürssen AURORA on the first sea trials in Kiel and on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens, Carl Groll).


26 April 2017: The brand new motor yacht TOSCA, built by Couach Yachts, arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


25 April 2017: ECSTASEA anchored off of Gibraltar in a heavy storm after having left the marina where she was docked in due to the strong swell (Giovanni Romero).


21 April 2017: Our first photos of sailing yacht BORKUMRIFF IV (Michael Kurtz).


20 April 2017: J'ADE arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


19 April 2017: DILBAR at Cap Ferrat yesterday at sunrise (Peter Seyfferth).


18 April 2017: PELORUS during a refit at the Peters Werft (Andreas Jens).


17 April 2017: DOUBLE DOWN and MYLIN IV in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


14 April 2017: NERO arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


13 April 2017: GERMANIA NOVA sailing (photos: Michael Kurtz).


12 April 2017: KATARA during a refit in Hamburg (Andreas Jens). Our first photos of the new sailing yacht ALL SMOKE (Giovanni Romero).


11 April 2017: Yesterday Lürssen launched the 85m motor yacht ARETI (formerly known as project Sasha) at their yard in Schacht-Audorf (Rendsburg). Photos by Andreas Jens.


10 April 2017: SUNRAYS at Cap Martin (Billy).


7 April 2017: Motor yacht A in Monaco earlier this week (photos: Billy).


6 April 2017: A closer look at the new Lürssen AMADEA (Giovanni Romero).


5 April 2017: GOLDEN ODYSSEY and NAHLIN during refits in Hamburg (Andreas Jens).


4 April 2017: Project THUNDER (name and designer Espen Oeino now confirmed by Lürssen) was launched yesterday (photos: Claus Schäfe).


3 April 2017: Over the weekend Lürssen opened their large floating dock in Bremen and a nearly completed megayacht project which was seen for the first time in November 2015 seems to be ready for launch. We think that the project name is THUNDER. The LOA could be 135 metres, maybe less. Photos by Claus Schäfe.


31 March 2017: PLAN B on the Kiel Canal after a refit at Nobiskrug (Andreas Jens).


30 March 2017: New photos of AVIVA on sea trials (Claus Schäfe).


29 March 2017: The brand new Feadship VERTIGO in Gibraltar, first port of call on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).


28 March 2017: The 2017 St Barths Bucket Regatta, photographed by Michael Kurtz.


27 March 2017: More spectacular aerial photos of AMADEA on the Kiel Canal by Carl Groll.


24 March 2017: Lürssen delivered the 106m motor yacht AMADEA, formerly known as project Mistral. Carl Groll and Andreas Jens took excellent photos showing the yacht on the Kiel Canal. More aerial photos will be added during the day.


23 March 2017: MARY-JEAN II arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


20 March 2017: Sailing yacht LUDYNOSA G leaving Gibraltar yesterday (Giovanni Romero).


17 March 2017: New night shots of Lürssen's new 106m AMADEA by Andreas Jens.


15 March 2017: Aerial photos of PLAN B in Rendsburg (Carl Groll).


14 March 2017: Our first photos of the brand new Lürssen AURORA (Andreas Jens, Carl Groll).


8 March 2017: FERDY arriving in Monaco (Billy).


7 March 2017: MQ2, CLICIA, LUSIA M and  WILD THYME in Port Hercule (Peter Seyfferth).


6 March 2017: Photo of the week - Sailing Yacht INOUI, photographed by Michael Kurtz.


 3 March 2017: GOLDEN ODYSSEY on the river Weser yesterday (Claus Schäfe).


2 March 2017: MADAME GU at Cap Ferrat (Dutch Yachting).


1 March 2017: DILBAR in Antibes (photos: Dutch Yachting).


28 February 2017: 360°, COSTA MAGNA, ACHILLES and TAOUEY in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).


27 February 2017: Lürssen's project Mistral is now named AMADEA (Andreas Jens). The recently lengthened and refitted THE WELLESLEY (Giovanni Romero).


24 February 2017: Photo of the week - VANISH leaving Port Hercule (Peter Seyfferth).


23 February 2017: SILVER FAST and NAMASTE 8 in Monaco (Billy). GLOBAL at the Lürssen yard in Bremen (Claus Schäfe).


22 February 2017: On her maiden voyage BARBARA was forced to divert to The Bay of Gibraltar on Monday afternoon. The weather was so bad (winds of over 100 km per hour) that it was impossible for her to dock in any of the marinas, and has had to anchor on the western anchorage (Giovanni Romero).


21 February 2017: LADY MAY and WISP arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


20 February 2017: Sailing Yacht A has been arrested in Gibraltar over a € 15.3 million admiralty claim by Nobiskrug. Shortly after the arrival of the yacht in Gibraltar lawyers for Nobiskrug filed a claim in the Supreme Court against the vessel's "owners/charterers/operators" for breach of contract. For the moment the yacht remains anchored in the Bay of Gibraltar under the custody of admiralty marshals (information taken from http://chronicle.gi/2017/02/futuristic-yacht-arrested-in-e15-3m-claim/). Giovanni Romero's  exclusive photos, taken over the weekend, show the yacht anchored in her current position.


17 February 2017: The brand new Oceanco yachts BARBARA (formerly known as hull Y715) and Y712 on sea trials (Hans Esveldt).


16 February 2017: Exclusive - Sailing Yacht A arriving in Gibraltar, first port of call in the Mediterranean on her maiden voyage. The photos were taken by Giovanni Romero under terrible weather conditions early yesterday morning. Due to strong winds, A was unable to dock and she had to wait to be assisted by two tugs.


14 February 2017: Photo of the week: Motor Yacht A in Dubai (Carl Groll).


10 February 2017: Excellent new morning shots of DILBAR by Giovanni Romero. Abeking & Rasmussen's new flagship AVIVA on sea trials (Claus Schäfe). Oceanco's sailing yacht Project Y712 on sea trials (Dutch Yachting).

9 February 2017: The first cruising shots of the recentely launched Vitters sailing yacht SVEA (Dutch Yachting).


7 February 2017: Yesterday Oceanco launched their project Y714, the largest yacht ever built in The Netherlands (photos: Dutch Yachting).


6 February 2017: Yesterday evening Nobiskrug delivered A, the world's largest sailing yacht. A left Kiel at about 5 p.m. (photos by Carl Groll, Olaf Eggert, Andreas Jens and Ralf Hüttmann).


3 February 2017: The arrival of the winner and the second of the Vendée Globe 2016-2017, photographed by Michael Kurtz.


1 February 2017: VAVA II and HERE COMES THE SUN moored at Gibraltar's new Mid-Harbour Marina (Giovanni Romero).

31 January 2017: Here are two shots from yesterday's campaign of our four-legged secretary Dushka. She is French, has a Russian name, found asylum in a German household and has quite a strange religious orientation. She can be very stubborn and has a very narcissistic personality. She is great! We support her in her run for the White House!


 30 January 2017: PERSEUS 3 leaving Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero). MONEIKOS at anchor (Peter Seyfferth).


27 January 2017: Benetti's LATITUDE and Heesen's BLISS during the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).


26 January 2017: Amels' new flagship HERE COMES THE SUN in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).

25 January 2017 - Photo of the week: Lürssen's project JUPITER passing a lighthouse during her recent sea trials (aerial photography by Carl Groll).


24 January 2017: BOADICEA and SECRET in Monaco's Port Hercule (Peter Seyfferth).

23 January 2017: Sailing Yacht A returning to the yard after what we believe were her final sea trials before the delivery (Olaf Eggert).

20 January 2017: NIRVANA, FORCE BLUE and TRIBU in Monaco (Billy, Peter Seyfferth).

19 January 2017: ECSTASEA, ROCKET, DOMANI and SOY AMOR during last year's Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).


18 January 2017: Photo of the week - Russians among themselves: MADAME GU and OCEAN VICTORY visiting Monaco (Billy).


17 January 2017: ROYAL ROMANCE and FORCE BLUE in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth, Billy).

16 January 2017: BLISS and SEAHORSE P in Monaco (Billy).


13 January 2017: ST. DAVID and SEALYON during last year's Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).


12 January 2017: New photos of BARTALI, JACOZAMI, ZOZO and MY WAY (Peter Seyfferth).


11 January 2017: GERMANIA NOVA at anchor off Cannes, ALFA NERO at Cap Martin (Billy).


10 January 2017: VAVA II arriving in Gibraltar. Our first photos of sailing yacht ANTARES (Giovanni Romero).

9 January 2017: Abeking & Rasmussen's new flagship, the 98m AVIVA left the dock for the first time at the end of last week. Photos by Claus Schäfe.

Exclusive: Aerial photography by Carl Groll from the first sea trails of Lürssen's 123m project JUPITER.



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