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Giovanni Romero - TheYachtPhoto.com photographer



I am a British National, born and resident in Gibraltar, having lived here most of my life, except for a number of years whilst I studied, and worked in the UK. I am a fully qualified hairdresser by profession, trained in London, and worked there for some time, before setting up my own hairdressing salon in Gibraltar. Unfortunately health reasons forced me to leave my profession, and that was when I started my new career in banking. I know, what a change, but at the time I saw this as another challenge!
My main hobbies at this moment in time are yacht spotting & fishing, the former being the one I practice most. Fishing is dependent on the weather, but yachts, well, they are always coming and going in Gibraltar regardless of the weather. I have always had a soft spot for boats and yachts, having owned my own pleasure/fishing boat since I was about 12. My present boat is a Spanish built STABLE 500 open boat, with console, and a Yamaha 40hp outboard. Very little maintenance is what attracted me to this small boat, as well as its fast & reliable outboard motor. My boat is moored in the Cormorant Small Boats Marina in Gibraltar, and the facilities are great in terms of access and security.
My interest in yacht spotting has grown tremendously since the internet has made yacht spotting much easier, and information on yacht movements is more readily available. I already had my boat, which I used for pleasure/fishing, so now all I needed was a camera and more time. I decided to invest in a Canon
EOS, and purchased a tele zoom lens to compliment the kit lens. I now had the tools, so it was a question of planning my photo sessions with yacht arrivals. This all happened just 2 years ago, and has hugely developed since.
What has always fascinated me about the superyachts is how they have developed through the years in terms of design & technology, but have always maintained their beauty and style, regardless of the period when they were built! However, what really fascinates me is that there is a hidden beauty in every vessel, which at times is not appreciated. This is where the camera, as a tool plays an important part, and helps to bring out this hidden beauty for the benefit and enjoyment of those who cannot see it at first sight. I love taking yacht photos and then eagerly anticipating the results. Obviously being able to share these with others is very important for me. My most enjoyable moments in my hobby, are when I can admire a cruising yacht, and I must say, I am very fortunate to be able to experience this when I am out on my boat.
The fact that I live in Gibraltar, makes me even more fortunate because as we are all aware Gibraltar is a very popular port of call for most superyachts. Gibraltar has its attractions for superyacht owners in many ways, and its strategic location has always been an advantage The fact that Gibraltar is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is just ideal! Gibraltar has developed through the centuries, both as a naval port and as a commercial one. Thousand of vessels cross the Straits each year, and this has led to Gibraltar's popularity as a bunkering stop. Gibraltar can also boast 2 splendid yacht marinas, namely Ocean Village Marina, and Queensway Quay Marina, which are now in the process of expansion, due to the increased demand by all types of yachts. Another incentive for superyacht visits is the well known tax free status of Gibraltar, and VAT free goods. Gibraltar's own airport and yacht servicing facilities are also very high up the list. Let us not forget the British ambience of Gibraltar, which too is very appealing.
On the whole, very exciting for the future of Gibraltar in terms of yachting, and also for myself, in terms of pursuing my favored hobby.


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