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31 December 2011:

We wish you all a Happy New Year and we show you our first photos of the new CRN DARLINGS DANAMA, taken in Gibraltar by Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum.
26 December 2011:

25 December 2011:

LADY DUVERA at the French Riviera.
24 December 2011:

The team of TheYachtPhoto.com wishes you a Merry Christmas!

23 December 2011:

22 December 2011:

After maintenance work at the Kockums yard in Sweden, bad weather conditions forced VIBRANT CURIOSITY to postpone her transatlantic crossing towards the Caribbean. This week the 85m Oceanco finally passed through the Kiel Canal. Carl Groll took excellent photos.

21 December 2011:

LE GRAND BLEU and ILLUSION in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
20 December 2011:

GO, HANA, IL CIGNO and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM during the Monaco Yacht Show.
19 December 2011:

The new Perini Navi GALILEO G, ISTROS, IZUMI and REVERIE leaving the Monaco Yacht Show.

SUDAMI and MAR in Valletta (Jörn Prestien).

18 December 2011:

The recently sold and renamed ISSANA (ex Drizzle) in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).
17 December 2011:

LIMITLESS and MARIDOME in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
16 December 2011:

We welcome our first photographer from the Middle East: Mahoud Hafez is based in Port Said on the northern end of the Suez Canal. This week megayacht A was berthed in Port Said.
15 December 2011:

AQUARIUS and LADY SHERIDAN on the river Weser (photos by Claus Schäfe). 

KATYA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

STARGATE in Ibiza (Ralf Grabbert).
14 December 2011:

The first cruising shots of Heesen's brand new 55m SERENITY by Hans Esveldt.

Abeking & Rasmussen's EXCELLENCE V continues sea trials (Claus Schäfe).
13 December 2011:

The first sea trials of Nobiskrug's GRAFFITI on the Kiel Canal (photos: Carl Groll).

12 December 2011 - Special:

VALERIE yesterday on the Kiel Canal after having left the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg (photos by Carl Groll).

12 December 2011:

The Russian state yacht CHAYKA (Чайка) in Sotchi, AMOHA, CD TWO and BERZINC (photos by Ralf Grabbert).
11 December 2011:

Heesen's BLIND DATE and Feadship TANGO in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
10 December 2011:

CARPE DIEM, LADY CHRISTINA, KERI LEE III and LATITUDE leaving Monaco after the Yacht Show.
9 December 2011:

Conversion project KAY at night (Ivan Tadej).

The recently sold JEMASA, NATITA and FATHOM during the Monaco Yacht Show.
8 December 2011:

VAVA in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).

Our first photos of EL BOUGHAZ I and HARMONY II (Ralf Grabbert).

BLANCA in Port Hercule, Monaco.
7 December 2011:

The new Sunreef catamaran DAMRAK II, VA BENE, POLAR STAR and MONTKAJ in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
6 December 2011:

SEQUEL P, SLIPSTREAM, MIRGAB VI and LAZY Z in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
5 December 2011:

TheYachtPhoto.com exclusively presents the very first photos showing the conversion into a superyacht of the 122m former Russian offshore personnel carrier KAY, delivered in 1990 by the Polish Gdynia Shipyard. A first conversion project in Asia was cancelled. In 2007 KAY was brought to Croatia and laid up until early 2011. Now conversion work is going on in Split at Arista Marine Group under the project name AMG120. The photos were taken yesterday by our new photographer Ivan Tadej.

4 December 2011:

Sailing yacht special (unless otherwise mentioned, photos by Peter Seyfferth):
3 December 2011:

More photos of Nobiskrug's brand new GRAFFITI by Andreas Jens.

Another Nobiskrug in Gibraltar: SYCARA V, photographed by Mirko Baum.
2 December 2011:

The new Benetti SEANNA, SKAT, GLADIATOR, FELICITA WEST, HAMPSHIRE, KISMET, FORTUNATO and GRACE E in Gibraltar (photos and video: Mirko Baum).

1 December 2011:

We present the first photos of the new 55m Heesen SERENITY, photographed in Rotterdam by Hans Esveldt.

From 2006 until 2009 Platinum Yachts in Dubai worked on the conversion of the 96m former research vessel and cruise ship COSMOS. Since 2009 conversion work is on hold. Ralf Grabbert is probably the only photographer who ever managed to take photos of the vessel which is berthed in a remote part of Dubai harbor.

The recently sold LADY LOLA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).

Photos of the former tugs LONE RANGER and ARCTIC P by Carl Groll.

30 November 2011:

Thanks to our new photographer Capt. Mark M. Amielanczyk we can present extremly rare photos of some of the world's largest yachts: PAG-ASA, ASEAN LADY, SALUZI and FULK AL SALAMAH.

Abeking & Rasmussen's sister ships TITAN and C2 in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).

29 November 2011 - Breaking news:

The first cruising shots of the brand new 96 m Pendennis Plus (Devonport Yachts)  VAVA II, taken by our new photographer Paul Burgess during the first sea trials near Plymouth.
29 November 2011:

OUT and RED SAPPHIRE I at anchor during the Monaco Yacht Show.

PRINCE ABDULAZIZ in Vóloz, Greece (photos: Ralf Grabbert).
28 November 2011:

TALISMAN C leaving and ALFA NERO arriving in Gibraltar (photos by Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum).

New panororamic views of Port Hercule, Monaco.

27 November 2011:

Exclusive - The very first photos of Nobiskrug's 73,5m GRAFFITI, launched yesterday morning (photographer: Andreas Jens).

Our first photos of the new 70m Proteksan Turquoise TALISMAN C (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).

26 November 2011:

MAJESTIC and OASIS in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum):
25 November 2011:

KATRION cruising in Holland (Marcel Coster).

The recently renamed MY TRUST FUND in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).

The new PRIMA and ANDREAS L in Port Hercule, Monaco.
24 November 2011:

'JOYME, BLUE ICE, MY PETRA and SUNRISE after the Monaco Yacht Show.

ECLIPSE in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).

23 November 2011:

IMAGINE, SEA PEARL, ACHILLES (Mirko Baum) and LUNA (Giovanni Romero) in Gibraltar.


22 November 2011:

MYSTERE SHADOW in Valletta (Jörn Prestien).

MIKADO cruising off Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

The new Trinity Yachts CARPE DIEM and BIG ARON in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).

21 November 2011:

Ralf Grabbert sent photos from Alexandria showing two of the world's largest yachts: EL HORRIYA (the oldest of all superyachts) and INTISAR. Both serve as training yachts for the Egyptian naval academy but seem to be in bad condition.
20 November 2011:

Two very interesting expedition yachts in Papeete, Tahiti: SuRi and SEAWOLF (photos by Patríck Lawson).

The new Amels Limited Editions 212 IMAGINE arriving in Gibraltar, two days ago (photos by Giovanni Romero).

19 November 2011:

The new 70m Rossi Navi NUMPTIA arriving yesterday in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).
18 November 2011:

Our first photos of ISLANDER, NAJADE, OVER THE RAINBOW and RUSALINA EXP, all off Monaco.

BLADE (ex H2OME) leaving Monaco.

Feadship's new 81m AIR in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum, Giovanni Romero).

17 November 2011:

Rare photos from Asia: QUEEN K in Colombo, Sri Lanka and TALISMAN C1 cruising off Langkawi, Malaysia (Ralf Grabbert).

Superyachts in Rhodos: BARBIE, HASABI II, GILAINE O, CYRUS ONE, SEVEN SINS and MUSTIQUE (Ulrich Streich).

16 November 2011:

ARETHUSA, 4 YOU, CUOR DI LEONE and BLEU DE NIMES at anchor off Monaco during the MYS.
15 November 2011:

SOLEMAR arriving in Gibraltar in rough sea (Giovanni Romero).

AURORA, WHITE CLOUD, ANJILIS and  BALAJU in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).

14 November 2011:

The very first photos of the new 51m Codecasa ALDABRA in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
13 November 2011:

STARGATE, BASMALINA II and WISTING arriving in Ibiza (Ralf Grabbert).
12 November 2011:

SAINT NICHOLAS and QUEEN AIDA in Porto Cervo (Carl Groll).
11 November 2011:

Our first photos of the Benetti ANNAEVA and the Oceanco SUNRISE (Mirko Baum).
10 November 2011:

The new CBI Navi AIFOS, the new ISA Yachts PAPI DU PAPI, IMAGINE and ICON leaving the Monaco Yacht Show.
9 November 2011:

PEGASUS V (ex Princess Mariana) in Porto Cervo and at the French Riviera (video and photos by Carl Groll), as well as in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum)
8 November 2011:

Excellent new cruising shots of Oceanco's latest delivery SEVEN SEAS by Giovanni Romero.
7 November 2011:

The Oceanfast AUSTRALIS and the Benetti FOUR ACES at anchor during the Monaco Yacht Show.
6 November 2011:

FORTUNATE SUN and HELIOS 2 in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
5 November 2011:

SLIPSTREAM in Siracusa, Sicily (Ralf Grabbert) and off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
4 November 2011:

The largest yacht presented in this year's Monaco Yacht Show: Oceanco's SEVEN SEAS.
3 November 2011:

New cruising shots of PHOENIX 2 by Giovanni Romero.

MERLIN in Gibraltar, on her way to the conversion yard in Egypt (Mirko Baum).

The new explorer yacht E&E and the new Overmarine Mangusta 130 DREAM TIM II leaving Monaco after the Yacht Show.

2 November 2011:

Feadship F45 Vantage HARLE arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).

The Oceanco APPLAUSE and the research yacht ALK during the Monaco Yacht Show.
A closer look at QUINTA ESSENTIA (Peter Seyfferth, Mirko Baum)
1 November 2011:

In Gibraltar: FOUNTAINHEAD (Giovanni Romero), PHOENIX 2 and the support vessel UMBRA, belonging to the Eclipse/Luna fleet (Mirko Baum).
November 2011:

With photos from the collection of Manuel Hernández Lafuente from Valencia we can now present images of 1000 different superyachts!


31 October 2011:

Last week several superyacht information websites reported the sale of the high speed ferry CAPRICORN to an owner who intends to convert the vessel into a 152 m megayacht. Built in 1999 by Fincantieri, Capricorn has a top speed of over 40 knots (photo by Wil Weijsters).

CAKEWALK at the Monaco Yacht Show.
30 October 2011:

Excellent new photos of CYAN in Gibraltar by Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum.
29 October 2011:

THE ONE at Cap Ferrat at sunrise.
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Special:

SERENE, photographed yesterday by our Gibraltar team Mirko Baum and Giovanni Romero.

28 October 2011:

APRIL FOOL during the MYS.
27 October 2011:

The 2011 Feadship LADY BRITT and the recently refitted REBORN off Lipari (Ralf Grabbert).

LADY BRITT leaving the Monaco Yacht Show.
26 October 2011:

TATOOSH is at the Peterswerft for repair work (Andreas Jens).

The new Mondo Marine ALEXANDER AGAIN leaving the MYS.

FOUNTAINHEAD in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
25 October 2011:

The 80-year-old MARALA in Porto Cervo (Carl Groll).
24 October 2011:

BIG FISH before, during and after the Monaco Yacht Show.
23 October 2011:

PALLADIUM in Ibiza (Ricardo Pilguj) and in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
22 October 2011:

The Abeking & Rasmussen KAISER  and the Feadship HUNTRESS in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).
21 October 2011:

Yesterday the new Abeking & Rasmussen EXCELLENCE V left the yard to go on the first sea trials (photos by Claus Schäfe).

Nobiskrug's MOGAMBO came back from the sea trials (Carl Groll, Andreas Jens).

20 October 2011:

The new Tecnomar Velvet 36 DOUBLE SHOT at the Monaco Yacht Show.
19 October 2011:

The legendary 86m ECSTASEA during the Monaco Yacht Show. She was the largest Feadship until the recent deliveries of Fountainhead and Musashi. With a reported top speed of 35 knots she is the fastest megayacht ever built.
18 October 2011:

Yesterday MOGAMBO left the Nobiskrug yard for the first time (photos by Andreas Jens).

TheYachtPhoto.com exclusively presents Carl Groll's aerial running shots taken during MOGAMBO's first sea trials.

The first photos of the new Ocea Commuter 155 ELISABET in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum).

17 October 2011:

On Saturday the former German navy minesweeper MERLIN (ex Walther von Ledebur) left Kiel with destination Egypt where the vessel will be converted into a superyacht (photos from 2005 and 2011 by Carl Groll).

APOISE came back to the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg (aerial photos of the yacht in the Kiel Canal by Carl Groll). Andreas Jens photographed APOISE in front of the yard and he also discovered the new VALERIE, back at the yard, apparently for a refit of the upper deck.

16 October 2011:

Superyachts leaving the Mediterranean: NORTHERN STAR (photos by Giovanni Romero) and BEL ABRI (photos by Mirko Baum) in Gibraltar.
15 October 2011:

A week ago we were the first to present photos of Nobiskrug's MOGAMBO. Now we can show you the first aerial photos (Carl Groll) as well the first night shots (Andreas Jens).
14 October 2011:

LADY ANNE P.B. at anchor off Monaco during the MYS.
13 October 2011:

SHUBRA II cruising yesterday off Monaco.
12 October 2011:

The new Feadship F45 HELIX leaving Port Hercule after the MYS.
11 October 2011:

The world's largest sailing catamaran: HEMISPHERE at the MYS.
10 October 2011:

The 77m Devenport SAMAR during the MYS (Peter Seyfferth) and two days ago in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum, Giovanni Romero).
8 October 2011:

A closer look at MOGAMBO (Andreas Jens, Carl Groll).
7 October 2011:

Oceanco's ALFA NERO off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth) and a few days later cruising off Sardinia (Carl Groll).
6 October 2011 - Breaking news:

The very first photos of Nobiskrug's 74m MOGAMBO (Andreas Jens).
6 October 2011:

Lürssen's KISMET off Monaco during the MYS (Peter Seyfferth) and two days ago, arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
5 October 2011:

The new Abeking & Rasmussen AMARYLLIS during yesterday's sea trials (photos: Claus Schäfe)
4 October 2011:

A closer look at PALLADIUM.

4 October 2011:

Last Friday CARINTHIA VII came to the Lürssen yard in Bremen (photos by Claus Schäfe).
3 October 2011:

The 73 m Delta Marine LAUREL during the MYS and during yesterday's arrival in Gibraltar (Peter Seyfferth, Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum)

2 October 2011:

ROMA off Monaco.
1 October 2011:

Feadship's MEDUSE at anchor off Monaco during the MYS.


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