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31 March 2012:

TANGO, arriving yesterday in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
30 March 2012:

Hans Esveldt spotted hull and superstructure of a new Oceanco superyacht (Y710 ?, Nuvolari & Lenard design ?). The superstructure was built by Aluship Technology in Poland.
29 March 2012:

Yesterday MOGAMBO was on her way back to the Nobiskrug yard. Claus Schäfe took photos showing the yacht cruising off Cuxhaven.
28 March 2012:

The first photos of Hessen's brand-new LADY L, taken yesterday by Hans Esveldt in the port of Hellevoetsluis (near Rotterdam).

Video of NORTHERN STAR by Carl Groll, filmed during the sea trials 2009.
27 March 2012:

AVIVA, arriving yesterday in Gibraltar (photos and video by Mirko Baum).
26 March 2012:

More cruising shots of the brand-new Oceanco NIRVANA by Hans Esveldt.
25 March 2012:

New photos, taken yesterday:

AVANGARD II off Menton.

SEA PEARL in the Netherlands (Hans Esveldt).
24 March 2012:

The 2011 Sunseeker SAMARA B yesterday, passing Cap Martin on her way to Monaco.

The first photos of ADDICTION after the replacement of the radar mast which had burned down last year (Giovanni Romero, Gibraltar).
23 March 2012 - Breaking news:

Early this morning Oceanco's 88,5m Y707 was seen for the first time under her real time: Hans Esveldt took the first running shots of NIRVANA while the yacht was on her way for sea trials.
23 March 2012:

SKAT, arriving this week in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

22 March 2012:

PASSION and EVIL ZANA in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
21 March 2012:

More photos of the brand-new Feadship DRIZZLE (Hans Esveldt).
20 March 2012:

Exclusively at TheYachtPhoto.com:

The 87m Lürssen ACE, photographed  by Carl Groll during last week's sea trials.

19 March 2012:

PHOENIX 2 last Friday on her way to Lürssen Bremen (Claus Schäfe).

LADY MOURA arriving in Gibraltar (photos and video by Mirko Baum).
18 March 2012:

The brand-new 67m Feadship DRIZZLE last Friday on sea trials, photographed by Hans Esveldt.
17 March 2012:

LADY MARINA, GRAYZONE, CLOUD 9 and PASSIONATA yesterday evening in Port Hercule, Monaco.
16 March 2012:

Photos by Mirko Baum of Lürssen's TV at a time when she still sailed under her original name MADSUMMER.
15 March 2012:

ACE in Kiel on the second day of sea trials (Carl Groll).
14 March 2102:

Yesterday ACE left the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg for the first sea trials. We exclusively present the first cruising shots by Andreas Jens and Carl Groll.

13 March 2012:

ALFA NERO, arriving yesterday in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
12 March 2012:

ICE in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
11 March 2012:

The 73,6m explorer yacht PEGASO has finally been delivered by the Freire shipyard in Vigo, Spain and arrived yesterday in Gibraltar, the first port of call on her maiden voyage (photos by Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum).
10 March 2012:

AVANGARD II cruising off Cap Martin yesterday.

HARMONY in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
9 March 2012:

GRAFFITI, changing docks at the Nobiskrug yard yesterday. According to our sources, the yacht will be repainted before delivery (photos: Andreas Jens).

Nobiskrug's JAMAICA BAY departing Norfolk in October 2011 (Marc Piché).
8 March 2012:

The 141m YAS (Project Swift 141) in front of the ADM shipyard in Abu Dhabi, photographed on 19 February by Vladimir Knyaz.

CALIXE and SUN CHASER in Norfolk (Marc Piché).
7 March 2012:

EMINENCE in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).

INEVITABLE in Norfolk (Marc Piché).
6 March 2012:

ZARINA in Malta (Ulrich Streich).

PHOEBE, JO and PRINCESS TOO in Gibraltar (Mirko Baum).
5 March 2012:

Yesterday Nobiskrug delivered the 73,55m  MOGAMBO. The yacht's first port of call is Kristiansand. Andreas Jens and Carl Groll took photos near the yard and near Kiel.

4 March 2012:

Our first photos of ALBATROS S, ANTHEYA II, DARSEA and TICKLED PINK (Mirko Baum).
YACHTING, Russia's Premier Marine Magazine (www.y-m.ru) uses one of Peter Seyfferth's photos of SERENE as cover for the March/April edition.

1 March 2012:

The first photo of the brand new 40m IMPERIAL PRINCESS at the Princess Yachts yard in Plymouth (Paul Burgess).

KAISER and SYCARA V off Monaco (Carl Groll).
29 February 2012:

LADY M II arriving on Monday evening in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

SENSES on the Kiel Canal (Carl Groll).
28 February 2012:

VAVA II returning to the Pendennis Plus yard in Plymouth last Saturday after one of the final sea trials (photos by Paul Burgess).
27 February 2012:

19 m motor yacht HEDONIST off Monaco.
25 February 2012:

SARAFSA and SPYK yesterday in Monaco.
24 February 2012:

OCTOPUS 2003 on sea trials and shortly after her delivery (Carl Groll).
23 February 2012:

PANAKEIA leaving Monaco, LIBRA STAR cruising off Cap Ferrat (Carl Groll).
22 February 2012:

NUMPTIA, yesterday in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
21 February 2012:

OCTOPUS 2005 in the Kiel Canal (Carl Groll).

LAUREL in Valencia (Manuel Hernández Lafuente).
20 February 2012:

18 February 2012:

Yesterday morning the 60m YOGI sank in rough sea off the coast of Greece. All crew members were rescued. Launched in March 2011, the yacht visited the French Riviera for the first time at the beginning of August and returned for the Monaco Yacht Show.
16 February 2012:

15 February 2012:

ANEDIGMI in Holland (Hans Esveldt).

ECLIPSE in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

NATALIA and Feadship MONACO.
14 February 2012:

13 February 2012:

Lürssen's MARTHA ANN yesterday on a refueling stop in Gibraltar, shortly after her refit in Malta (Mirko Baum, Giovanni Romero).
10 February 2012:

LADY CHRISTINA, the 2010 Palmer Johnson DB9 and the sisterships CANELI and WATERLILY yesterday in the Cap d'Ail marina.
9 February 2012:

AL DIRIYAH, FORCE BLUE, CINQUE and SOC, photographed by Ralf Grabbert.
8 February 2012:

The first photos by our new photographer Carlo Martinelli tell us a sad story: Since 1993 the former U.S. presidential yacht WILLIAMSBURG is rusting away at the naval base in La Spezia, Italy.
7 February 2012:

KATARA and GALILEO G in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

NOMAD and ROMANCE in Monaco.
6 February 2012:

The former U.S. presidential yacht HONEY FITZ (Ulrich Streich).

Rare night shot of ASEAN LADY.

ECLIPSE at sunset (Giovanni Romero).

LADY MARINA (Mirko Baum).
5 February 2012:

3 February 2012:

The new Perini Navi GALILEO G yesterday in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum).
2 February 2012:

THE ONE and ATLANTIS II yesterday in Port Hercule with Monaco surrounded by snow-covered mountains.
1 February 2012:

The MALTESE FALCON and NATITA at the French Riviera (photos by Carl Groll).
31 January 2012:

The new 55 m Royal Huisman sailing yacht KAMAXITHA arriving yesterday in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
30 January 2012:

Yesterday Oceano's Y707 hit the water for the first time and we exclusively present Hans Esveldt's photos.
29 January 2012:

SNOWBIRD, TATII, TJ ESPERANZA and ALFA SEA leaving Monaco after the MYS 2011.
28 January 2012:

Hans Esveldt took our first photos of Oceanco's brand new 88,5 m project Y707 which had been launched on Wednesday.
27 January 2012:

New photos of SIREN and KISMET.
26 January 2012:

VIRGINIAN, ELLIX TOO, CAPRI and MIA ELISE in GIbraltar (Mirko Baum).
25 January 2012:

ELISABET and 360° in Nice.

PARAFFIN and HARLE in the Caribbean (Carl Groll).
24 January 2012:

MONTKAJ coming to Monaco yesterday.
23 January 2012:

22 January 2012:

A closer look at LADY MOURA.
21 January 2012:

The new Hakvoort PAMELA V, PERLA BLU, MISS ROSE and MEDUSE off Monaco.
20 January 2012:

The brand new 78 m Abeking & Rasmussen AMARYLLIS arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (photos by Giovanni Romero and Mirko Baum).

19 January 2012:

PHOENIX 2, SALEM, ENIGMA and SEA PEARL in Palma de Mallorca (photos by Ralf Grabbert).
18 January 2012:

Yesterday at 11 a.m. the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg launched the 85m project NIKI which is due to be delivered in 2013. Carl Groll and Andreas Jens took excellent photos which are exclusively presented by TheYachtPhoto.com.

17 January 2012:

16 January 2012:

The new Heesen SERENITY in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero, Mirko Baum).
15 January 2012:

TURAMA, photographed by Ralf Grabbert.

GANESHA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
14 January 2012:

KATARA on the river Weser, yesterday on her way from the dock in Bremerhaven to the Lürssen yard in Lemwerder (photos by Claus Schäfe).
13 January 2012:

Two brand new yachts in Gibraltar: Benetti's DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and Perini Navi's CLAN VIII (Mirko Baum, Giovanni Romero).
12 January 2012:

Our first photos of the 64,6m Lady HAYA (Giovanni Romero).

TATOOSH at sunrise (Mirko Baum).
11 January 2012:

New photos by Giovanni Romero:

TATOOSH arriving in Gibraltar on Monday evening, shortly after her refit at the Peterswerft.

METSUYAN IV on her way to Gibraltar.

10 January 2012:

Yesterday Lürssen's 87m project Rocky left the construction shed in Rendsburg for the first time. Her name is now ACE and Carl Groll took the first photos showing the yacht in full length.
9 January 2012 - world exclusive:

Today Lürssen will launch ROCKY. We have the first photos, taken yesterday by Andreas Jens.
4 January 2012:

YOGI, TRIPLE SEVEN, R/S EDEN and SATORI during the Monaco Yacht Show.
3 January 2012:

2 January 2012:

NERO off Monaco. 


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