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01-06 2014



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30 June 2015:

OKTO arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
29 June 2015:

A closer look at WHITE PEARL. MARY A and POSITIVE CARRY on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).

FOREVER ONE on the Kiel Canal (Carl Groll).

26 June 2015:

The catamaran SILVER CLOUD and the recently delivered sailing yacht ATALANTE in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
25 June 2015:

The recently delivered Feadship KISS arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

Together with the Y.CO team I  went to Italy yesterday and we distributed clothes, water, food and other bare essentials for the refugees from Africa.

We will continue to support the Red Cross in Ventimiglia who is doing a great job. If you would like to make a donation, please use our PayPal account info@theyachtphoto.com. Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,
Peter Seyfferth


24 June 2015:

The three carbon composite masts for WHITE PEARL arrived in Kiel on Monday. They were built in the UK by Magma Structures, measure up to 120m and weigh about 50 tons each.  Photos: Carl Groll
23 June 2015:

The new Abeking & Rasmussen ROMEA (project DARTWO) arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

The recently renamed POSITIVE CARRY (ex RASSELAS), photographed by Martin Klingsick, Canvey Island, Thames.

22 June 2015:

The new Princess Yachts ANKA in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
17 June 2015:

QUANTUM BLUE off Cap Martin. MADAME GU leaving Monaco (Peter Seyfferth). 

16 June 2015:

New Photos of the new 123m Lürssen TATIANA on sea trials and back in the dry dock (Claus Schäfe).
15 June 2015:

MALAHNE, photographed in Gibraltar by Giovanni Romero. The 53m yacht was built by Camper & Nicholson in 1937. She was completely rebuilt in 1983 by CNC, and has now undergone a second transformation. After a 30 month long extensive, interior and exterior refit at Pendennis in Falmouth, she now looks like she did originally.

12 June 2015:

Our first photos of SILVER WIND, CV-9 and Nono (Peter Seyfferth).

Our first photos of ENTERPRISE, AMAZING, SENSE and THUMPER (Billy).

11 June 2015:


AXIOMA and ESTER III at Cap Martin (Peter Seyfferth).

10 June 2015:

The 2014 ISA FOREVER ONE (our first photos) and STEEL in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

A closer look at ECSTASEA (Peter Seyfferth).

MI SUENO and RISING SUN in the Caribbean (Carl Groll).

9 June 2015:

A closer look at the new Lürssen QUANTUM BLUE (Peter Seyfferth).

The new Oceanco INFINITY arriving in Gibraltar for her first season in the Med after an Atlantic crossing (Giovanni Romero).

8 June 2015:

The new 76,60m explorer yacht YERSIN off Cap Martin yesterday evening, shortly after the delivery by the French shipyard Piriou (Peter Seyfferth).
5 June 2015:

The new 104m Lürssen QUANTUM BLUE arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage yesterday morning (Giovanni Romero).

4 June 2015:

SOY AMOR and SYNERGY cruising off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
3 June 2015:

New aerial photos of MARINA WONDER, OUT, NOURAH OF RIAD and MY LITTLE VIOLET (Peter Seyfferth).

DENIKI and C2 in the Caribbean (Carl Groll).

2 June 2015:

Two classic yachts from the sixties at the Monaco Grand Prix: the Riva Caravelle C5 and the Feadship A AND A (Billy).

I NOVA, ISTRANKA, KINTA and ICE LADY off Monaco during the F1 GP (Peter Seyfferth).

1 June 2015:

Our first photos of the new ISA Yachts OKTO (Peter Seyfferth).

Our first photos of AQUAMARINA and SERENITY J, SALUZI in new colours, SURI (photos by Martin Klingsick, Singapore).


29 May 2015:

OCTOPUS off Cap Ferrat last week (Billy).

HIGHLANDER, NATORI, NOURAH OF RIAD and ENIGMA during the Monaco Grand Prix in the evening hours (Peter Seyfferth).

28 May 2015:

New cruising shots of VICKY, GRAYZONE, ODESSA II and HERCULINA by Billy.

SERENE arriving in Monaco for the Grand Prix (Peter Seyfferth).

27 May 2015:

Aerial photos of the brand new Lürssen ORCHID (Carl Groll).

TATOOSH in Glückstadt on the river Elbe (Andreas Jens).

AXIOMA in Monaco during the F1 Grand Prix (Peter Seyfferth).

26 May 2015:

The 125m MARYAH off Monaco during the Grand Prix weekend (Peter Seyfferth).

22 May 2015:

AXIOMA in the Caribbean (Carl Groll).
21 May 2015:

Our first photos of the 140m Fincantieri OCEAN VICTORY, taken in Singapore in April by Martin Klingsick.

EOS off Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands (Carl Groll).
20 May 2015:

ATTESSA IV in the Caribbean (Carl Groll).

TALISMAN C off Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

19 May 2015:

Our first photos of the extraordinary GUILTY, taken yesterday by Billy.

FREEMONT off Monaco yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).
18 May 2015:

Excellent new photos of WHITE PEARL by Ulrich Streich and Olaf Eggert.

Our first photos of DIVINA BARBARA (Andreas Jens).

15 May 2015:

KISMET off Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
13 May 2015:

The brand new Amels MADAME KATE heading for Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
12 May 2015:

COCOA BEAN and the new Amels LA FAMILIA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
11 May 2015:

WHITE PEARL hit the water last Friday (Olaf Eggert). More photos of WHITE PEARL are available. Please ask!

Lürssen's project TATIANA on the first sea trials (Claus Schäfe).

8 May 2015:

AZZAM back in Gibaltar (Giovanni Romero).

7 May 2015:

Our first cruising shots of EXUMA (Giovanni Romero).

KATARA off Monaco (Billy).
6 May 2015:

ILLUSION V arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

5G leaving Monaco (Carl Groll).
5 May 2015:

New photo of WHITE PEARL under construction (Carl Groll).

AVIVA off Gibraltar, accompanied by dolphins (Giovanni Romero).
4 May 2015:

Lürssen Rendsburg launched the 91m project ORCHID last Thursday (photos by Andreas Jens and Carl Groll).
24 April 2015:

Another mysterious Lürssen yacht over 100 m became visible yesterday when a massive hull, still without the bow section, was moved from one built shed to another. Within only one month this is the third megayacht appearing at Lürssen's facilities on the river Weser, the others being the 125 m TATIANA and the gigantic 150 m+ yacht with the possible project name OMAR. Photos: Claus Schäfe

At Lürssen's Rendsburg facility the launch of the 91 m ORCHID seems to be imminent. Photos: Andreas Jens

23 April 2015:

ICE ANGEL leaving Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
22 April 2015:

ELISEA NOVA leaving Monaco (Carl Groll).
21 April 2015:

CRN's YALLA arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
17 April 2015:

LA SULTANA, a former Russian passenger ship, converted into a yacht, photograhed in Malaga by Carl Groll.
15 April 2015:

New photos of CALLIOPE and GO by Billy.
14 April 2015:

New photos of sailing yacht WHITE PEARL, under construction at ADM Kiel (Andreas Jens).

Our first images of BACHATA QUEEN and THE WELLESLEY, taken by Billy off Cannes.

13 April 2015:

Last Friday a mysterious new megayacht was seen at Lürssen for the first time. Not even a project name is known. With her seven decks (one more than Azzam and Eclipse !) she resembles the 147m Topaz in appearance but she seems to have an even higher volume. She is now berthed next to the 104m Quantum Blue, making the latter look tiny. She has an enormous beam and her LOA might be above 165m, making her the second largest yacht by lenght and probably even the world's largest yacht by volume. She has very few open deck space. Photos by Claus Schäfe.

8 April 2015:

LADY MOURA with problems weighing anchor in Port Hercule yesterday (Carl Groll).

7 April 2015:

HELIAD II and CONQUISTADOR off Monaco (Billy).
3 April 2015:

TOMMY off Monaco (Billy)
2 April 2015:

A closer look at DARTWO (Andreas Jens).
1 April 2015:

The brand new Princess Yachts X5 in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
31 March 2015:

Exclusive: The very first photos of the highly secretive mega sailing yacht WHITE PEARL under construction at ADM Kiel (Olaf Eggert).
30 March 2015:

A closer look at TATIANA (Andreas Jens).
27 March 2015 Due to the tragic Germanwings crash we were unable to post new images this week. We will be back with new photo updates on Monday. Thank you for your understanding.
24 March 2015:

The brand new Heesen SIBELLE in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).

23 March 2015:

Lürssen launched the 125m TATIANA from their Bremen facility on Friday afternoon. Video by Carl Groll and photos by Carl Groll and Claus Schäfe.
20 March 2015:

CAPRI and GRAND RUSALINA off Cannes (Billy).
19 March 2015:

TV leaving Lürssen in Rendsburg after a refit (Andreas Jens).
17 March 2015:

More photos of SYMPHONY, the largest Feadship (Hans Esveldt).
16 March 2015:

The brand new Feadships SAVANNAH and SYMPHONY on the move near Rotterdam (Hans Esveldt).

First look at Lürssen's 125m project TATIANA in the Lemwerder floating dock (Claus Schäfe).

13 March 2015:

Abeking & Rasmussen's DARTWO on sea trials (Claus Schäfe).
12 March 2015:

LADY JERSEY (our first photos) and HERCULINA off Cannes (Billy).
11 March 2015:

HIGH POWER III on sea trials on the river Weser, following a longer stay at the Fassmer shipyard (Claus Schäfe).
10 March 2015:

ECLIPSE in Hamburg at Blohm + Voss Repair (Andreas Jens).
9 March 2015:

The brand new Heesen ASYA arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
6 March 2015:

The first cruising shots of the brand new Abeking & Rasmussen DARTWO (Claus Schäfe).
3 March 2015:

GOLDEN ODYSSEY II during a refit in Hamburg (Andreas Jens).
2 March 2015:

SOLANDGE arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
27 February 2015:

NOURAH OF RIYAD in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
25 February 2015:

EXCELLENCE V, MARIU, HARLE and AQUARIUS in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
23 February 2015:

VAVA II in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
20 February 2015:

GLADIATOR and SIRONA III in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
19 February 2015:

BELLA VITA, SYCARA IV, SEA OWL and DREAM in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
18 February 2015:

The first video of the new 101m Kusch Yachts I DYNASTY (Carl Groll).

17 February 2015:

The new Heesen SIBELLE on sea trials (Hans Esveldt).
16 February 2015:

A closer look at the new Kusch Yachts  I DYNASTY. ECLIPSE dry docked at Blohm+Voss in Hamburg (Andreas Jens).
13 February 2015:

MARY-JEAN II, IL SOLE, OASIS and MARIDOME in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
12 February 2015:

Heesen's brand new ASYA on sea trials (Hans Esveldt).
11 February 2015:

The new Heesen yachts ASYA and SIBELLE (Hans Esveldt).
10 February 2015:

INFINITY in Gibraltar, first port of call on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
9 February 2015:

Our first photos of two brand new Dutch yachts: Feadship hull no. 808 and Heesen's SIBELLE (Hans Esveldt).
6 February 2015:

ESTER III and AXIOMA in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
5 February 2015:

Oceanco delivered INFINITY,  project Y710 (Hans Esveldt).
4 February 2015:

YALLA, ODESSA II, CYAN and SAI RAM in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
3 February 2015:

Abeking & Rasmussen launched the 81,80 m DARTWO, a sistership to KIBO (Claus Schäfe).
2 February 2015:

SERENE in Auckland, New Zealand (Trevor Coppock).

30 January 2015:

AMARYLLIS and VENUS in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman). 
29 January 2015:

Billy photographed SEVA in Monaco. We believe that this 40m KaiserWerft is the renamed CATWALK.
28 January 2015:

C2, CARPE DIEM and AIR cruising in the Caribbean (Heston Berkman).
27 January 2015:

26 January 2015:

Our first photos of COCOA BEAN, largest yacht built by Trinity, taken by Heston Berkman in the Caribbean.
23 January 2015:

22 January 2015:

LUNA on the Kiel Canal last November (Carl Groll).

21 January 2015:

20 January 2014:

Our first photos of CONQUISTADOR, NATALI OF MONACO and LA DEA II (Billy).
19 January 2015:

LUNA at the Bremerhavener Motorenwerke. PELORUS on the river Weser (Claus Schäfe).
16 January 2015:

A closer look at ATTESSA IV (Peter Seyfferth)
15 January 2015:

A closer look at DILBAR (Peter Seyfferth).
14 January 2015:

Our first photos of QUEEN NEFERTITI (Billy).
13 January 2015:

WEDGE TOO and MONEIKOS in Monaco (Billy).
12 January 2015:

AUSPICIOUS and ARABELLA in Monaco (Billy).
8 January 2015
7 January 2015:

Kusch's brand new 101 m yacht I DYNASTY (project V853) on the move (Carl Groll).

6 January 2015:

TV in Brunsbüttel (Ulrich Streich).

AQUARIUS and AMADEUS off Monaco (Billy).
5 January 2015:

Oceanco's Y710 on sea trials the day before Christmas (Hans Esveldt).


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