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01-06 2014


2 February 2016: We are working hard on a new design of the website with new features, larger photos and many more improvements. We will be back with the latest news in a few days. Thank you for your understanding. Please stay tuned!
1 February 2016:

FREYA during the 2015 St. Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
29 January 2016:

GANESHA racing the 2015 St Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
28 January 2016:

YAS in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
27 January 2016:

Loading of the new Astondoa Century 110 GLX SOPHYE onto a yacht transporter in Gibraltar last Sunday (Giovanni Romero).
26 January 2016:

Spectacular sailing shots of ELFJE (Michael Kurtz).

25 January 2016:

ELENA OF LONDON during the 2015 St Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
21 January 2016:

The recently sold and renamed FELIX (ex Amadeus) in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

BLACK PEARL, LEGACY and JANICE OF WYOMING in Auckland (Trevor Coppock).
20 January 2016:

The first photos of the brand-new 50m McMullen & Wing Diamond Series berthed in Auckland. We believe that her name will be CHIRUNDOS (Trevor Coppock).
18 January 2016:

Our first photos of LADY D, taken by Trevor Coppock in Auckland.
15 January 2016:

SECRET and SKAT off of Monaco (Billy).
14 January 2016:

DUKE TOWN, RASSELAS, ICON and OKTO during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).
13 January 2016:

ALTAIR racing the 2015 St Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
12 January 2016:

We present our first video of Sailing Yacht A, shot by Carl Groll during the sea trials.
11 January 2016:

Spectacular photos of DRUMFIRE by Michael Kurtz.
8 January 2016:

BETTER PLACE during the 2015 St Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
7 January 2016:

SENSES leaving for sea trials during a refit in Auckland (Trevor Coppock).
6 January 2016:

EQUANIMITY in Auckland (Trevor Coppock).
23 December 2015:

BEQUIA, photographed by Michael Kurtz.
22 December 2015:

AXIA at the 2015 St Barths Bucket (Michael Kurtz).
21 December 2015:

We are proud to present you our new contributor, the well renowned regatta photographer Michael Kurtz. He has an impressive stock of breathtaking sailing yacht images which will be posted over the next few months. We start with amazing photos of the 55m ADELA, shot during the 2015 St Barths Bucket Regatta.

17 December 2015:

LADY LARA on her first visit to Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
16 December 2015:

ULYSSES and LUNA in Bremerhaven (Claus Schäfe).
15 December 2015:

SERENITY J in Auckland (Trevor Coppock).
14 December 2015:

LUMIÈRE and LADY JOY in Monaco (Billy).
11 December 2015:

SILVER WIND leaving Monaco's Port Hercule (Billy).
10 December 2015:

VICKY and ALALYA in Monaco (Billy).
9 December 2015:

The new Benetti 11/11 docked in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
2 December 2015:

SAVANNAH cruising at Cap Martin yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).

HERMITAGE on the river Weser yesterday (Claus Schäfe).
1 December 2015:

MARYAH off of Monaco (Billy).
30 November 2015:

ICE in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
27 November 2015:

Project OMAR (DILBAR) in bright sunshine (Claus Schäfe).

Our first photos of SEA DREAM and SEA GULL OF CAYMAN (Peter Seyfferth).
26 November 2015:

Spectacular photos of KOGO on the way to the Lloyd yard in Bremerhaven (Claus Schäfe).
25 November 2015:

IMAGINE and LADY MARINA off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
24 November 2015:

New cruising shots of SYCARA V (Giovanni Romero).

DOUBLE TROUBLE at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).
23 November 2015:

A new 100m+ project hit the water at the Lürssen yard on Friday evening. QUANTUM BLUE on the river Weser.
All photos by Claus Schäfe.
20 November 2015:

New photos of SKY, STEEL, VOYAGER and SOKAR (Peter Seyfferth).
19 November 2015:

SEVEN SEAS arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
18 November 2015:

A closer look at the new 60m sloop PERSEUS 3 with her 75,8m mast (Peter Seyfferth).
17 November 2015:

Our first photos of BELUGA, OVERSIDE II and TUTTO LE MARRANE (Peter Seyfferth).
16 November 2015:

Lürssen launched the 156m project OMAR on Saturday. Measured by volume, she might be the largest yacht in the world (photos by Claus Schäfe).

13 November 2015:

SOFICO and MALIBU at anchor (Peter Seyfferth).
12 November 2015:

The former tugs BULLY and MASTIFF during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).
11 November 2015:

Two generations of Feadships: MADAME GU and LADY MARINA (Billy).
10 November 2015:

Lürssen prepares the launch of project OMAR (Claus Schäfe).

AURELIA and ICE ANGEL during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).
9 November 2015:

New cruising shots of PAMELA IV (Peter Seyfferth).
5 November 2015:

NEW SUNRISE and MARTHA ANN off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
4 November 2015:

FELIX, ANN G, CLOUD 9 and ARKLEY during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth). 

3 November 2015:

MOGAMBO and NAMELESS off of Monaco during the yacht show (Peter Seyfferth).
2 November 2015:

QUANTUM BLUE at anchor in the bay of Villefranche yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).
30 October 2015:

The classic sailing yacht CREOLE cruising near Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
29 October 2015:

New cruising shots of LOGICA and DIANE (Peter Seyfferth).
28 Octobber 2015:

MADSUMMER and AFRICAN QUEEN cruising off of Cap d´Ail (Peter Seyfferth).

27 October 2015:

Two converted ships from the early 60s at the Monaco Yacht Show: LA SULTANA and ITASCA (Peter Seyfferth).
26 October 2015:

QUANTUM BLUE at anchor off Monaco yesterday evening (Peter Seyfferth).
23 October 2015:

The recently rebuilt classic yacht MALAHNE off of Monaco during the yacht show (Peter Seyfferth).
22 October 2015:

SILVER FAST during the Monaco Yacht Show and in Gibraltar yesterday (Peter Seyfferth, Giovanni Romero).

21 October 2015:

Support vessel GARCON 4 ACE off of Eze sur Mer (Peter Seyfferth).
20 October 2015:

Two new Benettis at the Monaco Yacht Show: FORMOSA and the still nameless FB 264 (Peter Seyfferth).
19 October 2015:

A closer look at A (Ulrich Streich).
16 October 2015:

ECSTASEA on the Kiel Canal, destination the Nobiskrug yard in Rendsburg (Andreas Jens).
15 October 2015:

New photos of sailing yacht A on sea trials (Carl Groll).
14 October 2015:

The hull of AMELS 19903, a sister ship of EVENT and MADAME KATE and built by Aluship in Poland, spotted on the Kiel Canal by Andreas Jens.
13 October 2015:

LIBRA and ZENOBIA at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).
12 October 2015:

TATOOSH at anchor (Carl Groll).
8 October 2015:

VIRGINIAN in rough sea off of Antibes (Carl Groll).

ACE at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).

7 October 2015:

SOLANDGE in Monaco during the Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

KAISER on the river Weser (Claus Schäfe).

ECSTASEA docking at Queensway Quay Marina in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

6 October 2015:

ICE arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
5 October 2015:

INCEPTION, CALLISTA and D'ANGLETERRE II in Dubrovnik (Luko Petrovic).

New night shot of sailing yacht A (Olaf Eggert).

KISMET and AURORA B in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

2 October 2015:

Palmer Johnson's BLISS in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

EMINENCE on the river Weser on the way to the Abeking & Rasmussen yard (Claus Schäfe).

1 October 2015:

ROMEA during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

ARCHIMEDES arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

TITAN on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).

30 September 2015:

FOREVER ONE on the Kiel Canal and in Gibraltar (Andreas Jens, Giovanni Romero).
29 September 2015:

More photos of sailing yacht A on sea trials (Andreas Jens).

24 September 2015:

Prince Albert II arriving on board YERSIN for the opening of the Monaco Yacht Show yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).

22 September 2015:

Sailing yacht A left the shipyard for the first sea trials yesterday (Andreas Jens).
21 September 2015:

The mast setup on sailing yacht A is now completed (photos: Olaf Eggert).
17 September 2015:

APHRODITE A in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

AGRAM, ALFA NERO and AQUAVITA in Dubrovnik (Luko Petrovic).
16 September 2015:


14 September 2015:

World exclusive: Spectacular aerial photography of sailing yacht A with all three masts in place (Carl Groll).

The new Heesen ANN G in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

11 September 2015:


10 September 2015:

The third mast of sailing yacht A was stepped yesterday (Olaf Eggert).

QUANTUM BLUE off of Monaco (Billy).
9 September 2015:

BASH (our first photos), HESSA, DESEO, DEVOCEAN, JBH, PEARL and EVENT in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

8 September 2015:

German Naval Yards stepped the second mast of sailing yacht A yesterday (photos: Carl Groll and Olaf Eggert).
7 September 2015:


4 September 2015:

The first night shots of sailing yacht A (Andreas Jens).

YERSIN off of Monaco (Billy).
3 September 2015:

The brand new 50m Codecasa GAZZELLA as well as RADIANT and AQUARIUS in Monaco yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).

2 September 2015:

Our first photos of TANIA T, SUD, FATAMORGANA and HESSA (Billy).
1 September 2015:

German Naval Yards stepped the first mast of A (formerly known as project White Pearl) yesterday (photos by Carl Groll and Olaf Eggert).
31 August 2015:

GRACE in Oslo (Andreas Jens).

QUEEN MAVIA off of Monaco (Billy).
28 August 2015:

A closer look at the Norwegian Royal yacht NORGE (Andreas Jens).
27 August 2015:

OCTOPUS off of Gibraltar at sunrise with dolphins playing around (Giovanni Romero).
26 August 2015:


25 August 2015:

New detail photos of WHITE PEARL, taken by Andreas Jens.

Cruising shots of LE GRAND BLEU by Giovanni Romero.

24 August 2015:

Last Friday Lürssen launched the 85m project SASHA from their Rendburg facility (photos: Andreas Jens). If you have information concerning this project, please contact us.

21 August 2015:

The new Sunseeker NAUTILASS in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

Our first photos of WALINDI (Billy).
20 August 2015:


19 August 2015:

The brand new 101,5m SYMPHONY (largest yacht ever built in The Netherlands) on her first visit to Monaco. NIRVANA, ELANDESS and CAPELLA C, PREDATOR and PEGASUS VIII (ex PEGASUS V) off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

18 August 2015:

New photos of ULYSSES in Bremerhaven (Claus Schäfe).


17 August 2015:

The brand new Mulder Shipyard flagship SOLIS arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
13 August 2015:

A closer look at the new 77m SILVER FAST (Billy).

12 August 2015:

The minimalistic sailing yacht ANGEL'S SHARE in Monaco (Billy).

LADY KATHRYN V, ARKLEY, MARYAH and ACHILLES off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

11 August 2015:

TOPAZ off Monaco yesterday (Peter Seyfferth).
10 August 2015:

The 101m I DYNASTY arriving in Gibraltar yesterday morning on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
7 August 2015:

Our first photos of FALKOR, a research vessel which is considered as a yacht by certain sources (Ulrich Streich).

New cruising shots of COSTA MAGNA and ROLA (Billy).

6 August 2015:

The new Royal Huisman sloop SEA EAGLE in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
5 August 2015:

The unfinished 107m explorer yacht ULYSSES, built by the Norwegian yard Kleven Maritime, arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany yesterday morning. She is now berthed in front of the Stahlbau Nord yard where she is supposed to be outfitted (Claus Schäfe).

SARITA SI, INVICTUS, PAMELA IV and LIGHEA off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

4 August 2015:

The brand new Feadship SAVANNAH in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

AQUARIUS and FATHOM off Cannes (Billy).

3 August 2015:

MIRAGE, SEAHORSE, AFRICAN CAT and 4YOU leaving Monaco's Port Hercule (Billy).

SUNRAYS, ANDREAS L, ECSTASEA and AVIVA off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

31 July 2015:

QUANTUM BLUE off Cap Martin yesterday evening (Peter Seyfferth).

A off Monaco (Billy).

30 July 2015:

The brand new Feadship ROYAL ROMANCE arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero). 

29 July 2015:

AL MIRQAB, AL MIRQAB III, ACE, BELONGERS, GARCON, HAMPSHIRE, HAMPSHIRE II, ILONA, PELORUS, REBORN (with new hull colour) and YERSIN at Cap Ferrat on Monday (Peter Seyfferth).

28 July 2015:

Aerial photos of YAS on her first day at the French Riviera. Photo taken by Peter Seyfferth at Cap Ferrat yesterday afternoon.

27 July 2015:

The first photos of the brand new SANTA MARIA T, arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).

Our first photos of AQUARIUS, PAS ENCORE, BVB44M and VOYAGE (Billy).

Aerial shots of GLOBAL (with helicopter takeoff), DRIZZLE, ROBUSTO and PETRUS (Peter Seyfferth).

24 July 2015:

Exclusive - the first cruising and detail shots of the spectacular 141m YAS, taken by Giovanni Romero off Gibraltar. YAS is a conversion project by Abu Dhabi Mar, based on a former Dutch naval frigate, built in 1978.

23 July 2015:

The brand new Amels VEGA in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
22 July 2015:

Tender operations on board MADAME GU (Billy).
21 July 2015:

OCEAN VICTORY arriving in Auckland, New Zealand (Trevor Coppock / Seapixonline.com).
20 July 2015:

First looks at Oceanco's sailing yacht AQUIJO and at Heesen's ANN G (Hans Esveldt).


17 July 2015:

The brand new Lürssen LADY LARA on the first sea trials (Carl Groll, Andreas Jens, Olaf Eggert).

16 July 2015:

Our first photos of RUSH and YLANG-YLANG. AXIOMA, ECSTASEA, STELLA MARIS, LADY MARINA and MONOKINI off Monaco. All photos by Billy.

15 July 2015:

The brand new Heesen AZAMANTA arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).
14 July 2015:

A off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).
13 July 2015:

New aerial cruising shots of MUSASHI, LIONHEART, MADAME GU and BELONGERS (Peter Seyfferth).

SUNRAYS arriving in Gibraltar in the early morning (Giovanni Romero).

10 July 2015:

MALTESE FALCON in Sardegna (Carl Groll).
9 July 2015:

QUANTUM BLUE, YERSIN and SUNRAYS off Monaco (Billy).
8 July 2015:

The new Feadship MOON SAND on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).

New photos of Lürssen's LADY LARA, former project Orchid (Claus Schäfe, Andreas Jens).

MARY A. cruising on the Kiel Canal (Claus Schäfe).

6 July 2015:

HAMPSHIRE on the Kiel Canal (Andreas Jens).

I DYNASTY leaving the Peterswerft for an imminent delivery.
2 July 2015:

Aerial shots of MARY A (Carl Groll).

AMEVI leaving Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).
1 July 2015:

SOLEMATES off Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).


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