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Dear followers,

Despite all our enthusiasm for superyachts, I must admit that there are smaller and less glamorous vessels which play a more important role in
terms of humanitarian aspects.One of these vessels is the 23.3m rescue cruiser MINDEN which supports refugee rescue missions in the Mediterranean.

Initiator Karl Treinzen who founded LIFE BOAT and who bought the MINDEN from the German Sea Rescue Society says:
"First of all I see the person in need. And if it’s within my power to help, I will help. As a human being, as a sailor,
as a Europan citizen I can and will not look the other way when it comes to the protection of human rights just at our front door".

Susanne Salm-Hain who is in charge of communication adds: "When they passed one of the small bundles in blankets to me and I realized
there was a newborn inside, I knew without the slightest doubt we are right in what we are doing here."

All that I can add is that I am convinced that we are right in supporting LIFE BOAT "Minden" and their courageous crew.
You will find all the information about LIFE BOAT at www.lifeboatproject.eu.

Dear owners, captains, brokers, shipyards, suppliers and all the other people involved in yachting!
You all can help saving lives by providing logistical support in the Mediterranean, by donating money, life rescue material and much more.
I urge you to get in touch with Susanne at LIFE BOAT to find out more about how you can help. Your support will be highly appreciated.
If you would simply like to make a donation, please use the following bank account:

Life Boat
IBAN:DE03 2824 0023 0335 2465 01
Or make a Paypal payment through their website.

Don't look away! Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Peter Seyfferth


23 December 2016: Our first photos of ARIONAS, JACOZAMI and MISS CANDY (Billy).

22 December 2016: Our first photos of NAMASTE and SALADUS, taken by Peter Seyfferth while the yachts left this year's Monaco Yacht Show.

21 December 2016: ELINOR arriving in Monaco (Billy).

19 December 2016: The hull of very large motor yacht arrived at the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard in Bremen yesterday. The steel hull was built in Poland. We have no further information about this project. Photos by Claus Schäfe.

16 December 2016: Feadship AIR in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

15 December 2016: CARINTHIA VII arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

14 December 2016: Dutch authorities seized Feadship EBONY SHINE when the yacht left the shipyard after an extensive refit. The owner and vice president of Equatorial Guinea Teodorin Obiang is suspected of ongoing corruption and money laundering. Last month Swiss authorities seized 11 luxury cars belonging to Obiang (stock images).

13 December 2016: The new QUINTA ESSENTIA arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

12 December 2016: Billy brings us the first photos of Benetti's LUNA.

9 December 2016: Our first photos of CLEOPATRA (Billy).

8 December 2016: Our first photos of SAMJA and new images of QUEEN MAVIA (Billy).

7 December 2016: The CRN yachts CHOPI CHOPI and SIMA during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

6 December 2016: Kleven's new explorer yacht U116, shortly after her arrival in Bremerhaven where she will be outfitted (Claus Schäfe). The MALTESE FALCON during this year's Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

5 December 2016: German television NDR produced a 30 minutes documentary about our photographer Olaf Eggert.

2 December 2016: Yesterday in the early morning Feadships’s subcontractor Scheepswerf Slob launched the 110m Project 1007 which is supposed to become Feadship’s flagship in 2018. The yacht which is designed by Michael Leach (with striking similarities to the designer’s Blohm+Voss yacht PALLADIUM) will be completed at Feadship’s Makkum facilities (photos: Dutch Yachting). AQUARIUS in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).

1 December 2016: QUANTUM BLUE and ULYSSES off of Monaco (Billy).

30 November 2016: The classic yachts ISTRANKA (former Jugoslavian presidential yacht of Marshall Tito) and South Paw C as well as the former tugs ALTER EGO and ITASCA in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

29 November 2016: New photos of ATLANTIS II and ST. PRINCESS OLGA by Billy.

28 November 2016: The first photos showing the name change of Lürssen's ESTER III which spent the last few months in Gibraltar. The new name IROQUOIS is now visible on the stern. Name plates have still not been changed on starboard and port side of the yacht (Giovanni Romero).

25 November 2016: Feadship launched the 96.55m VERTIGO on Wednesday (Dutch Yachting).

24 November 2016: Our first photos of Oceanco's 88.5m project Y715 (Dutch Yachting).

23 November 2016: ALEXANDER AGAIN and PARAM JAMUNA IV at anchor (Peter Seyfferth).

22 November 2016: Our first photos of the new 70m Perini Navi SYBARIS (Giovanni Romero).

17 November 2016: CONSTANCE (ex Givi) during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

16 November 2016: The new SanLorenzo X arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

15 November 2016: IL VAGABONDO and HERCULINA during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

 14 November 2016: MOONLIGHT II in Monaco after the lenghtening (Billy, Peter Seyfferth).

11 November 2016: OCEAN VICTORY and GAZZELLA off of Monaco (Billy).

Photo of the week: Everything is relative! The 110m ONA (ex DILBAR) looks small when moored side by side with her successor, the new 156m DILBAR (Peter Seyfferth).

9 November 2016: SAVANNAH arriving in Monaco (Billy).

8 November 2016: SOLANDGE and ENTOURAGE leaving the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

7 November 2016: Our first photos of the new MARITTA S and LA PETITE OURSE (Billy).

4 November 2016: CHAKRA and CLEOPATRA C off of Cannes (Billy).

Photo of the week: GRACE E`s radar domes and Venice's cathedral domes - a striking resemblance, captured by Billy.

3 November 2016: ENIGMA and OKTO leaving the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

2 November 2016: SENSES in Auckland (Trevor Coppock).

1 November 2016: Our first photos of NEW MASTER and MIRAGGIO, taken by Peter Seyfferth during the Monaco Yacht Show.

31 October 2016: A remarkable meeting: Photos of Lürssen's new DILBAR side by side with her former name twin, now known as ONA in Monaco's Port Hercule, including an closer look at DILBAR (Peter Seyfferth, Billy).

28 October 2016: Lürssen launched the 123m project JUPITER yesterday (photos by Claus Schäfe).

27 October 2016: GRACE E in Venice, photographed by Billy.

26 October 2016: Our first photos of Amels' new flagship HERE COMES THE SUN. Feadship AQUARIUS on sea trials. All photos by Dutch Yachting.

Photo of the week: The new Feadship AQUARIUS on sea trials (Dutch Yachting).

25 October 2016: ULYSSES and SILVER SHALIS during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

24 October 2016: AQUARIUS on sea trials (Hans Esveldt).

21 October 2016: Our first photos of the 2016 deliveries OURANOS and JETSETTER (photos taken by Peter Seyfferth during the Monaco Yacht Show).

20 October 2016: Lürssen Rendsburg launched a new megayacht hull yesterday (Andreas Jens). We welcome our new contributor Dutch Yachting who provides us with the first photos of the brand new Oceanco 106m sailing yacht hull no. Y712 and the new 92m Feadship AQUARIUS.


19 October 2016: Sailing Yacht A cruising through the Alps? Our photo of the week by Carl Groll.

18 October 2016: The classic sailing yacht CREOLE and AXIOMA during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

17 October 2016: The mainsail of Sailing Yacht A hoisted for the first time (Carl Groll). LIONHEART attending the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth). The recently delivered cruise ship GENTING DREAM in Gibraltar, first port of call on the maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).

14 October 2016: VIBRANT CURIOSITY in Auckland (Trevor Coppock). MY SEANNA in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero). Sailing Yacht A on sea trials (Andreas Jens).

13 October 2016: CHAKRA at anchor during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

12 October 2016: Saling Yacht A coming home to Kiel after sea trials (Carl Groll). VANISH and MARTHA ANN leaving Port Hercule after the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

11 October 2016: GALACTICA SUPER NOVA leaving the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth). ALAMSHAR on the river Weser (Claus Schäfe).

10 October 2016: ALFA NERO during the Monaco Yacht Show and on her way to Gibraltar, accompanied by dolphins (Peter Seyfferth and Giovanni Romero).

7 October 2016: Our first photos of the classic sailing yacht XARIFA (Giovanni Romero). TITAN off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

6 October 2016: AQUIJO at anchor at Cap Martin (Peter Seyfferth).

5 October 2016: Sailing yacht A on sea trial yesterday and at night at the yard (fine art photography by Carl Groll and Olaf Eggert). QUEEN MIRI during the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

4 October 2016: Over the next few weeks we will present you a large number of photos, taken during the Monaco Yacht Show. We start with ATHENA, largest yacht presented in the show, leaving Port Hercule on Saturday evening (Peter Seyfferth).

27 September 2016: LIONHEART, TRIBU, ULYSSES and FAITH at anchor, awaiting the opening of the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

26 September 2016: AXIOMA, AMORE MIO, CHAKRA, DOMANI, ENTOURAGE, EDESIA prior to the Monaco Yacht Show (Peter Seyfferth).

23 September 2016: MADAME GU leaving Monaco (Billy).

22 September 2016: Aerial photos of LUCE and IMPERIAL PRINCESS (Peter Seyfferth).

21 September 2016: A closer look at OKTO (Billy).

20 September 2016: New photos of DARNICE III, GRAYZONE, LADY INDIA and SANOO (Peter Seyfferth). Video of Sailing Yacht A (Carl Groll).

19 September 2016: Sailing Yacht A leaves the dock (Andreas Jens, Carl Groll).

16 September 2016: OKTO and BACARELLA in Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

15 September 2016: SOLANDGE at anchor off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

14 September 2016: The superstructure (built by Aluship) of a new Oceanco yacht, spotted on the Kiel Canal by Andreas Jens.

13 September 2016: Our first photos of LEGEND after a recent refit in the Netherlands (Hans Esveldt). A closer look at SAVANNAH (Giovanni Romero).

12 September 2016: Brand new yachts, presented on Saturday night at the World Yachts Trophies in Cannes and photographed by Peter Seyfferth: GALAXY OF HAPPINESS, GIAOLA-LU, LA PASSION, NAVETTA 37 and SPECTRE.

9 September 2016: Our first photos of the 2015 Palumbo TAIBA (Billy).

8 September 2016: MARTHA ANN at anchor (Peter Seyfferth).


7 September 2016: ROYAL ROMANCE and UTOPIA off Monaco (Billy).

6 September 2016: New aerial photography of GLOBAL on sea trials (Carl Groll). A off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

5 September 2016: ONA and QUANTUM BLUE in Monaco (Billy).

1 September 2016: Our first photos of GOLDEN ODYSSEY in the med (Giovanni Romero).

Congratulations to Giovanni Romero for his second Boote Exclusiv cover in one year! The magazine's latest edition features many of our photos in the new top 200 motor yachts ranking.

Giovanni Romero shooting MY Dilbar on her maiden voyage earlier this year.

31 August 2016: A closer look at Sailing Yacht A (Carl Groll).

30 August 2016: Motor yacht A on the Kiel Canal and in Kiel, photographed by Andreas Jens, Carl Groll (aerial photography) and Olaf Eggert. The new Vitters sailing yacht MISSY in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

29 August 2016: Sailing yacht A and motor yacht A side by side in Kiel (aerial photography by Carl Groll).

23 August 2016: Our first night shots of OCEAN VICTORY and ULYSSES (Peter Seyfferth). LADY A (ex Southern Cross III) arriving in Gibraltar after a refit (Giovanni Romero).

22 August 2016: Our first photos of the brand new Amels PLVS VLTRA (Giovanni Romero).

16 August 2016: OCEANA off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

10 August 2016: The first aerial photos of the refitted and lenghtened GLOBAL at the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg. New aerial photography of sailing yacht A (Carl Groll).

9 August 2016: OCEAN VICTORY and GALAXY OF HAPPINESS on their first visits to the French Riviera. ST PRINCESS OLGA at Cap Martin (Peter Seyfferth). Our first photos of the lenghtened GREY PRINCESS (Giovanni Romero).

8 August 2016: ALAMSHAR in Plymouth (Paul Burgess). CLOUDBREAK at the Abeking&Rasmussen yard (Andreas Jens).

4 August 2016: The brand new 164m FULK AL SALAMAH on her maiden voyage to her home port Oman (aerial photography by Fraser Gow).

3 August 2016: GRACE E cruising at Cap Martin yesterday evening (Peter Seyfferth). AZTECA arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

2 August 2016: SUNRAYS at anchor off Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

1 August 2016: MARYAH arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

29 July 2016: Sailing Yacht A reappears at Nobiskrug Kiel with a silver hull colour (Carl Groll). Our first photos of QUEEN MIRI (ex Delma) after the refit and lenghtening (Marco Nutile).

 28 July 2016: SEAFLOWER, SOLIS and ZULU off of Monaco (Peter Seyfferth).

27 July 2016: The new Feadship JOY arriving in Gibraltar, accompanied by dolphins (Giovanni Romero).

26 July 2016: Our first photos of RIVA ITALIA (taken by Claus Schäfe in Oslo), BALISTA and WALANKA (Carl Groll).

25 July 2016: The new trimaran GALAXY OF HAPPINESS arriving in Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero). Our first photos of GATSBY (Carl Groll).

22 July 2016: Our first photos of GEORGIA (Michael Kurtz). 

21 July 2016: Our first photos of SURAMA (Michael Kurtz).

20 July 2016: The new Vitters sailing yacht UNFURLED at the 2016 St Barths Bucket Regatta (Michael Kurtz).

19 July 2016: JADE 959 and MQ2 at Cap Ferrat (Peter Seyfferth).

18 July 2016: The brand new spectacular trimaran GALAXY OF HAPPINESS, built by Latitude Yachts in Riga, photographed by Ulrich Streich on the Kiel Canal.

14 July 2016: Our first photos of SHAF. ULYSSES on her first visit to Gibraltar (Giovanni Romero).

13 July 2016: The renamed CORAL OCEAN (ex Coral Island) during a refit at the Lürssen yard near Bremen (Claus Schäfe). New photos of project MISTRAL by Andreas Jens and Carl Groll.

12 July 2016: The new Palmer Johnson SANAM arriving in Gibraltar, first port of call on her maiden voyage after her transatlantic crossing, photographed by Giovanni Romero. SANAM is the last yacht to be completed by the company in the US before their operations move to The Netherlands.  

11 July 2016: The brand new Moonen BIJOUX arriving in Gibraltar on her maiden voyage (Giovanni Romero).




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